Virginia Health Reform Initiative - Advisory Council/Taskforces

Advisory Council

On August 16, 2010, Governor McDonnell announced the membership of the Virginia Health Reform Initiative Advisory Council. The Council will provide recommendations to the Governor towards a comprehensive strategy for implementing health reform in Virginia. The Advisory Council will go beyond federal health reform and recommend other innovative healthcare solutions that meet the needs of both Virginia’s citizens and government. The recommendations put forth by the Council will help create an improved health system that will serve as an economic driver for Virginia while allowing for more effective and efficient delivery of high quality care, at lower cost.

The Advisory Council is made up of dynamic leaders from the legislature, health care delivery, health care policy, health insurance, and business communities.

In addition to the Advisory Council, there are six taskforces that will work in coordination with the Council. The memberships of the taskforces also pull from a wide range of stakeholders, including consumers, that will bring suggestions to the Council who will then provide recommendations to the Governor. Like the Advisory Council, the taskforces will go beyond federal health reform and identify other innovative healthcare solutions for Virginia.

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Medicaid Reform
Though an integral part of health system reform, Medicaid reform should not be thought of or reformed independently from the system as a whole. This taskforce will look at the 2014 growth projection in the Medicaid eligible population, examine the benefit packages as they exists and discuss how to modify them to ensure better and more cost effective care through innovation and better coordination. One key area of focus will be to examine how to sustain and best support seniors and individuals with disabilities who only make up 30% of the Medicaid population but utilize 70% of the Medicaid budget.


  • Scott Johnson, Hancock, Daniel, Johnson &Nagle, P.C.; Advisory Council Member, Co-Chair
  • William Fralin, Chief Executive Officer and President, Medical Facilities of America; Advisory Council Member, Co-Chair
  • Chuck Hall, Executive Director, Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board; Advisory Council Member
  • Jim Carlson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Amerigroup; Advisory Council Member
  • Ed Howell, Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, University of Virginia Health System
  • Nancy Dimaano, RN, Owner, Best and Dependable Home Health Care
  • Dr. Colleen Kraft, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine
  • Bill Kallio, AARP Virginia State Director
  • John Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer, INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital
  • Karen J. Stanley, Executive Director, The Healing Place and CARITAS

Insurance Reform

Health reform will have a substantial impact on the insurance industry. The taskforce will focus on two major areas. Along with the Bureau of Insurance, the taskforce will help identify the areas where statutory authority needs to be created or changed, and help provide options on how a health benefit exchange should operate in Virginia. The taskforce will help facilitate positive change among the insurance industry and the insured.


  • Dr. Richard Hamrick, Physician and Partner, Pulmonary Associates of Richmond; Advisory Council Member, Co-Chair 
  • Dr. Clarion Johnson, Global Medical Director, Exxon Mobil Corporation; Advisory Council Member, Co-Chair 
  • Burke King, President, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield; Advisory Council Member
  • Monty Dise, President, Asset Protection Group; Advisory Council Member
  • Joe Wilson, Chief Operation Officer, PermaTreat Pest Control; Advisory Council Member
  • Kendall D. Hunter, Chief Operating Officer, Kaiser Permanente Mid-
    Atlantic States 
  • Ann Honeycutt, Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists
  • Nancy Agee, Chief Operating Officer, Carilion 
  • Ginger Brookings, Co-Owner, Brookmeade Sod Farm
  • Kristin Parde, Director of State Policy, PhRMA
  • Marcia Drinkard, Owner, Interiors with Marcia


The current shortage of health professionals is daunting. Virginia cannot avoid re-organizing care delivery for the long term. Primary care and mental health physicians, in addition to nurses and nursing faculty seem to be in the shortest supply. Dentists, general surgeons, and emergency physicians also have a significant shortage. The taskforce will look at current models of care, identify if there is a means to leverage the scarce supply of existing professionals, identify current technologies that could aid in more efficient medical practice, and investigate what Virginia can do to help retain more health professional graduates and residents being trained in Virginia schools.


  • Shirley Gibson, RN, Interim Vice President of Nursing Operations, VCU Health System; Advisory Council Member, Co-Chair 
  • Dixie Tooke-Rawlins, D.O., Dean and Executive Vice President, Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine; Advisory Council Member, Co-Chair
  • Roderick  Manifold, Executive Director, Central Virginia Health Services, Inc.
  • Frank Farrington, DDS, Professor Emeritus, VCU School of Dentistry
  • Kurt Bell, RPh, Pharmacy Operations Manager, Virginia Baptist Hospital, Centra Health
  • Dr. Michael Solhaug, Dean of Admissions, Eastern Virginia Medical School 
  • Anthony Miller, Professor and Director, Physician Assistant Studies, Shenandoah University
  • Brian Foley, Provost, Northern Virginia Community College
  • Peter Bernard, Chief Executive Officer, Bon Secours Virginia 
  • Ted LeNeave, President and CEO, American HealthCare, LLC
  • PJ Maddox, RN, Ph.D., Chair, Health Administration and Policy, George Mason University
  • Mary Duggan, MS, RN, CCRN, ACNP-BC, Chair, Government Relations Committee, Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners

Delivery and Payment Reform

One of the most significant issues in the health care arena today is that we have built a health system that we can no longer afford. Today’s practice of fragmented care and the payment structure we use is not serving very well most patients, payers, taxpayers, or providers of care. This taskforce will aim to answer questions as they relate to the return on investment of medical costs, and how to align incentives among patients, clinicians, and payers. Additionally, this taskforce will look to identify what is driving the high level of costs and target models of care that could potentially help alleviate some of these cost issues. Ultimately, this taskforce will look at existing models within Virginia and subsequently identify what should be replicated, where new ideas should be leveraged and how to distribute these practices throughout the Commonwealth to ensure patient satisfaction and cost containment.


  • Scott Burnette, President and Chief Executive Officer, Community Memorial Health Center; Advisory Council Member, Co- Chair
  • Steve Horan, President, Community Health Solutions; Advisory Council Member, Co-Chair 
  • Jane Kusiak, Vice Chair, Board of Trustees, Virginia Health Care Foundation; Advisory Council Member
  • Julie C. Locke, Richmond
  • John Duval, Chief Executive Officer, MCV Hospitals, VCU Health System
  • Victor Giovanetti, MBA, President, HCA Southwest Virginia
  • Nancy Stern, Chief Executive Officer, Eastern Shore Rural Health System
  • Dr. James Dudley, Emergency Physician, Service Line Chief, Riverside Tappahannock Hospital
  • Howard P. Kern, President, Sentara Healthcare
  • Sally Graham, Executive Director, Free Clinic and Family Services of Goochland
  • Dr. Stephen Norfleet, Tidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group
  • Dorrie Fontaine, RN, PhD , Dean and Professor, UVA School of Nursing
  • Tom G. Smith, J.D., Partner, Shevlin Smith 


While vital to the success of any sweeping health reform effort, technology is a set of tools, not a sole solution to the health care problems Virginia faces. The point of the technology taskforce will be to identify the best vehicle to enhance the patient experience while giving the medical professional access to the most complete patient record possible. Additionally, the taskforce will look to identify how to ensure that the tools used will facilitate the sharing of information between patients, clinicians, and payers, making available the pertinent information to each


  • Geoff Brown, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, INOVA; Advisory Council Member, Chair 
  • Howard Chapman, Executive Director, Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems, Inc. 
  • Dr. Karen Rheuban, Medical Director, Office of Telemedicine, UVA School of Medicine
  • Terri Ripley, Director of Systems and Programming, Centra 
  • Dave Lawrence, Chief Executive Officer, Farm Credit of the Virginias 
  • Anna Slomovic, Chief Privacy Officer, Anakan, Inc.
  • Jodi Fuller, Director of Global Benefits, MWV 
  • James L. Perkins, Chief Executive Officer, West End Orthopedic Clinic  
  • Ann Fleming, Senior Vice President, Mountain States Alliance 
  • Dr. Sterling N. Ransone, Jr., Fishing Bay Family Practice 


Throughout the Commonwealth and across the nation, employers, combined, pay for more health care than any other single payer, including Medicare or Medicaid. In addition to the rising cost of care, making it difficult for businesses to compete in the global market, employers also want choice and flexibility in negotiating premiums, and transparency in price and quality when buying health insurance. In addition to these issues, it is also known that an unhealthy workforce is less productive and more costly to employers than a healthy workforce, whether they provide health insurance or not.

This taskforce will look to identify what tools are available for employers big and small to promote wellness and prevention among their workforce. Additionally, the taskforce will work to identify ways for employers to leverage their cooperative buying power in order to create a standard of expectation and product delivery from the insurance market.


  • Monty Dise, President, Asset Protection Group; Advisory Council Member, Co-Chair
  • John Luke, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, MWV; Advisory Council Member, Co-Chair 
  • Elizabeth Teisberg, Ph.D., Darden Graduate School of Business, UVA
  • Tom Snead, Retired President, Southeast Region, Wellpoint, Inc.
  • Michel Zajur, President and Chief Executive Officer, Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 
  • Doug Coleman, President, Total Development Solutions
  • Julia Hammond, Virginia State Director, National Federation of Independent Business 
  • Barry DuVal, President, Virginia Chamber of Commerce
  • Susan Dess, Senior Vice President, Health and Wellness and Product Development, VALUEOPTIONS, Inc.