Systems Transformation

In 2006, Virginia embarked on a bold mission: to bring about a true systems transformation that will afford individuals across all ages and disability populations personal choice and easier access to needed long-term supports that are integrated, individualized and simple to use. This is occurring by improving services access, enhancing person-centered practices and self direction, and transforming information technology to support systems change. You can learn more about this Real Choice Systems Change Systems Transformation Grant and two additional initiatives – a Money Follows the Person Demonstration Project, and a State Profile Tool Grant – on this website.

The development and implementation of the Systems Transformation Grant, Money Follows the Person Demonstration, and State Profile Tool Grant are all overseen by the Transformation Leadership Team (TLT). This group is comprised of state agency representatives, self and family advocates, local agency representatives, private partners, and other organizational representatives throughout the Commonwealth. In addition to its advisory role, the TLT is also responsible for the marketing component to the three grants as well as creating a sustainability platform for the initiatives once the federal grant cycles are complete.