Goal: Improved Access to Long-Term Support Services: Development of a “No Wrong Door” One-Stop System

Individuals and families in Virginia want to eliminate fragmentation of services and supports. No Wrong Door is Virginia’s approach to “one-stop shopping” for adult health and human services. The vision of the No Wrong Door initiative is to have a network of resource partners in every community serving as highly visible and trusted places where individuals can turn for information on the full range of long-term support options and entry to public long-term support programs and benefits.

Virginia’s No Wrong Door system is a collaborative public/private effort among the Virginia Department for the Aging (VDA), Department of Rehabilitative Services, Department of Medical Assistance Services, Department of Social Services, Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, Office of the Attorney General, Virginia Board for People with Disabilities, Community Integration for People with Disabilities, 2-1-1 Virginia, SeniorNavigator, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, select Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) and their local governments and local providers.

The No Wrong Door system will benefit both providers and citizens who need these services by:

    • Collecting the Uniform Assessment Instrument (UAI) in an automated system. (The UAI is a standard tool used by Virginia Health and Human Resource agencies.)
    • Maintaining a comprehensive directory of service providers used to coordinate the best available services for individuals.
    • Tracking referrals and service delivery.
    • Coordinating services.
    • Measuring outcomes.
    • Evaluating gaps in service.

The No Wrong Door Resource Team is chaired by the Virginia Department for the Aging. The Team includes representatives from departments within the Health and Human Resources Secretariat, private non-profit groups such as the Virginia Association for Centers for Independent Living, 2-1-1 Virginia, SeniorNavigator, Area Agencies on Aging, Community Services Boards, private providers and self advocates. The group began meeting in July 2007.

This Team has worked to expand the No Wrong Door system from six to ten localities. A new statewide web Portal, Virginia Easy Access, was launched in August 2008 and provides a comprehensive one-stop source of information on a variety of long-term support topics. This Team has also identified and developed ways to remove barriers pertaining to confidentiality and sharing of information in the No Wrong Door system.

The Resource Team is now working to:

    • Enhance Virginia Easy Access
    • Identify all agencies that may potentially benefit from using the No Wrong Door tools and what other tools might be needed in the system to better serve these agencies
    • Develop an education and marketing plan
    • Develop an on-line Medicaid Application
    • Revise questions in the VirginiaNavigator “assessment search” (available through Virginia Easy Access) to best meet the needs of seniors and adults with disabilities.
    • Develop a process and plan in which other providers of long-term supports and services can verify documents required for Medicaid application
    • Develop a “pre-eligibility” questionnaire for use on Virginia Easy Access for certain programs.

For an overview and update on Virginia’s No Wrong Door Initiative, click here.
For additional information on the No Wrong Door Initiative, go to http://www.vda.virginia.gov/nowrongdoor.asp