Individuals and families who use Virginia’s long-term support systems want more choice and control over what services and supports they receive and from whom they receive these services. This goal is dedicated to assuring that all services systems put the individual’s needs and preferences at the center of all service and support planning and expand options for self-direction of services and supports in both the Medicaid Home-and-Community-Based waivers and other programs.

The Person-Centered, Self-Direction Resource Team is co-chaired by representatives from the Partnership for People with Disabilities and the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. The Team is comprised of representatives from state and local agencies, public and private providers, and self advocates.

The Team has two major objectives:

    • enhance person-centered practices across all long-term support services systems and,
    • ensure that Virginia is moving toward increased self-directed supports.

The Team has drafted principles and guidelines for person-centered practices, a user-friendly glossary of terms, and a planning profile tool for use across all agencies and populations. Additionally, this Team has field-tested the planning profile tool with several populations; conducted training sessions and provided technical assistance on person-centered practices and planning; reviewed several agency regulations and policies (and developed a plan for review of additional regulations and policies) to suggest changes that incorporate person-centered and self-directed practices; and conducted extensive research on individual budgeting in other states and its possible application in Virginia.

Currently, the Resource Team is continuing to work to:

    • Develop a person-centered planning and self-direction Resource Bank
    • Refine the person-centered planning profile and related documents
    • Prepare for additional training sessions
    • Create self-direction documents directed to individuals who direct their own services, including how to hire and supervise personal care assistants.

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