Goal: Transformation of Information Technology to Support Systems Change

A transformation of technology is occurring in the Commonwealth. The Systems Transformation Grant is providing Virginia with the opportunity to update and modernize the information technology systems so that services can be delivered in a more efficient and effective manner.

Representatives from state agencies, Community Services Boards, private providers, and IT professionals are evaluating Virginia’s current system for reporting and tracking critical incidents. The Team is looking for ways to use technology to improve the system.

Currently the Intellectual Disabilities, (ID), Waiver is a paper-driven process. One dimension of these improvements will be the introduction of a new electronic system to manage the pre-authorization, waitlist and enrollment for this Waiver program, services should be delivered to individuals in a more efficient manner.

Critical incidents of abuse, neglect and exploitation that occur in many community and institutional settings are currently being reported to various state agencies in various ways. The goal is to develop a single information technology system accessible by all for the following purposes: uniform reporting; interagency awareness and collaboration on resolution; and the ability to trend incidences in an effort to assure the health and safety of individuals.